On the bleak snowy hill top of Cleeve Hill, near Cheltenham the British Night Championship competitors battled against the biting wind and aftermath of Storm Arwen whilst tackling the tricky complex contours of the old quarries and workings. Eight Swansea runners took part and the club ended up with 4 podium finishes and the rest finishing in the top 5 of their classes. The star performance came from Megan Carter Davies who took the the women's elite title completing her course in 44 minutes , some 2 minutes ahead of Cecile Anderson from Bristol. Ben Mitchell finished 3rd in the men's elite race just over 2 minutes behind the leader. Kerina Lake finished 2nd in the W40 category and Diana McClure finished 2nd in the W70 Class. Freddie Lake finished 4th in M16, Margaret Reynolds 5th in W60 and Niall Reynolds took first place in the M60 short course. All thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and were delighted to have survive the conditions. Credit must be given to the decision by the organisers to go ahead with the event and a big thank you to all the volunteers who helped the successful running of the event.

Diana MClure collecting her trophy.

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