Club Information

◪ In these sections you can find out about the club, its history, the areas around Swansea where we have maps and where we hold our events. There is a section on joining the club, being a volunteer and the information about the committee and our constitution.

◪ For club members we have a section where all the useful templates, guides and instructions on how to organise and plan events and to operate the Si Equipment for entry and results. We aim to make things easier for people so they dont have to create their own documents. This is a one stop shop for all club members.

Club Information:

About the club This link takes you to general information about the club.

History of the club This link takes you to a potted history of the club from its formation in 1972 to present day.

The areas we orienteer on Here are the areas around Swansea where we hold our events.

Permanent orienteering courses This shows you where all the permanent courses are in Swansea if you want to give it a go without coming to an event.

Membership Click here to find out how to join the club. It also has information about the club privacy policy.

Volunteer Click here to find out about helping and volunteering.

Meet the committee Here are the members of the Club Committee and other important roles in making the club a success

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Resources for members

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