Volunteer with Swansea Bay Orienteering Club

Every orienteering event only happens because of the time and dedication of our volunteers. Everything is done by club members and friends who enjoy orienteering and want to see it continue in our area. Many thanks to all of them, past and present.
We are always looking for new volunteers. This page explains how to get involved.

What could I do to help?

We’re always looking for a few friendly faces to help with:

Registration - greeting people and helping them get ready for their course.
Organisers - The Organiser has overall responsibility for the event, and looks after all of the administrative and logistic work required to make it happen. This is often as simple as finding somewhere for parking and filling in a risk assessment for the event.
Planners - The Planner is responsible for designing the courses to be set out for the event. They also put out the controls. Planning is one of the best ways to improve your orienteering.
Publicity — help us get the word out about these fun events, online and in person. Bring your friends!
Control collectors – get some all important extra practise in after the event and see if you can find the controls more accurately this time.

How to get involved

Take a look at the fixtures page for the list of upcoming events and contact the relevant person for an event you would like to help out at.

Volunteering is also a great way improve your understanding of the sport.

You don’t need lots of experience or specialist knowledge to help out at an orienteering event; most of it is common sense, and there is plenty of help available in the form of other club members and the British Orienteering Rules and Guidelines for event organisation and planning.
As soon as you have built a little confidence in orienteering, ask any of the helpers at an event !!! how you can start to get involved.