Swansea Bay Orienteering Club delivered a fantastic weekend of Orienteering for some of the best orienteers in the British Isles, with teams from the 4 home nations batttling it out on the technical and challenging sand dunes of Broughton and Whiteford Burrows. Saturdays' individual races saw close competition between England and Scotland for first and second places whilst Ireland and Wales battled to avoid the wooden spoon. Overnight England led Scotland with scores of 27 to 23 whilst Wales were in 3rd with 13 points and Ireland in 4th with 9 points. Welsh runners Megan Carter-Davies and Ben Mitchell starred for the home team coming in first and second on their respective courses.

On the Sunday, the sun shone and perfect running conditions welcomed the teams to Whiteford Burrows. The complex and fast terrain produced some fast times and the team relay was very tight. The eventual overall winners, England won the mens relay ahead of two Scottish teams. This was reversed in the womens relay race with the Scottish women coming first ahead of two English teams. The overall scores and final positions combining both the individual and team relay were as follows; 1st. England 55pts, 2nd. Scotland 46pts, 3rd Wales 24pts, 4th Ireland 19pts.

Leading England runner Sarah Rollins described the weekend as "this is why we orienteer, on such a fabulous area" and Irish vice-captain Toni o'Donovan described the weekend as "one of the best Internationals ever".

To see all the weekend results click here
To see some fantastic photos of the relays by Barry Jones click here
Finally, here is a video montage from Sam Mitchell of the relay..

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