Whilst putting out controls for todays event, The Glyndwr Gambol, the organiser came across something she was not expecting. A wall of flames creeping towards the site of control number 5. A rather large grass fire was, thanks to a strong easterly wind, rapidly making it's way along the southern slopes of the Bryn. Needless to say, control 5 did not get placed! Luckily by the time competitors were ready to start, the fire had run its course, and people were treated to blue skies, and stunning views over the Gower, with just a hint of smoke on the air. The 10km long course was a competitive race with two runners successfully navigating around the full length of Cefn Bryn in under 60 minutes. Ake Fagereng's time of 51.48 was very impressive and he was closely followed by 16 year old Freddie Lake in 56.14. On the 5km course Peter O Kane came home in first place with a time of 30.00 minutes with father and son pair of Tom and Jon Munro coming second in 32.48. Full results are Here. I hope everyone enjoyed the event, and I look forward to starting off more competitors at the next Trail Event. The Bevan Bolt, at Clyne Valley.

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