A fantastic evening saw 70 runners compete in the warm up Sprint event in Clyne Gardens, last night. Boosted by 20 runners from the touring Finnish O Team Rajamaaen Rykmentii (RR) there was a close run race for the first 5 places. James Bailey of Bristol took first place completing the 3.4km course in 15.57, and only 12 seconds behind were Megan Carter-Davies of Swansea and Andrew Stemp of Aire joint second at 16.09 . Hando Allman and Hannu-Pekka Pukema both of RR coming in 4th and 5th places with times of 16.21 and 16.25 respectively. On the short course Anne Manty of RR took first place in a time of 18.59 with 12 year old Oliver Lapas also of RR coming second and Ruth Harris of Dee in third.

Full results are here.


However this was just a fun stretch of the legs before the main event, the JK Day 1 Sprint at Swansea University on Friday. Swansea Bay Orienteering will welcome 1500 runners from all over UK and Europe. And being a selection race for the GB team to compete at the World Championships later in the summer we are looking forward to seeing some tight and competitive racing.

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