A huge thank you to all those members for turning up to represent the Club at the JK relays..... the weather certainly did not look inviting at 0°C, wet snow overlying the previous days rain/mud and sleet and rain falling. Firstly well done to the Women's MWOC/SBOC alliance team of Fay Walsh, Katie Reynolds and Megan Carter-Davies who took a podium place (3rd) on the Women's Trophy. Oscar Healy also ran in a MWOC/SBOC alliance team in the JK Trophy bringing the team in 23rd out of 41 on the second leg. Unfortunately there was a mis-punch on the third leg (happens to us all).

The mud bath didnt seem to stop some of us with Ben doing an impressive first leg on the Men's Short coming in first with a 2.5 minute lead. Will Reynolds achieved a 3rd on the second leg, and Brendan Healy brought the team in at 7th out of 48 teams. SBOC Silver Surfers (Niall Reynolds /32nd, Roger Stein/27th and Dave Mitchell/41st) also on the Mens Short came in 31st overall out of 48 teams. The 'Tough Mudder' style course didn't slow down Margaret Reynolds first leg of the W165+ coming in 4th, and Diana McClure and Sam Healy both achieving an 11th, giving a final 9th place out of 16 teams.

And last but not least there was a very close match between the two SBOC Mix Adhoc teams. The Great Lakes team comprising of Pete, Freddie and Kerina came in 30th, 36th and 19th, giving 19th position overall. Punching the last control on day 3 But they pipped the Swansea Bay Springers at the finish by 9 seconds (Siobhan Lock, William Lake and Gill Lock), who came in 28th, 25th and 24th, giving a position of 20th out of the 57 teams.

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