On a lovely sunny evening in Clyne Woods, a good turn out of runners battled for first place in the first event of the season. In areas of the woods not often visited, there were few paths to help and running at full pace was difficult through closely packed trees with low hanging branches. Coupled with deep stream valleys it proved to be physically challenging as well as tricky navigation. It was great to see some of the new members from last week return and also some new faces too. The older members will remember it was over 20 years ago that this part of the forest was used but feedback from those who finished enjoyed the chance to run somewhere different. It was the younger members that enjoyed success with all 3 course being won by the junior members. Results, Splits, On the Orange Course, Robin Irwin came in first completing the 2.6km in 35.16 minutes, with Ann Mitchell second and Peter O'Kane third. The longer Light Green Course was won by Katie Lake in a time of 49.18m beating Frank Ince of Cardiff and Diana McClure into second and third respectively. It was the Green Course that saw the most competitive racing with the lead changing hands many times through the race. In the end William Arnold came out on top in a time of 47.14 beating Ake Fagereng by just 14 seconds with an excellent run by Freddie Lake just 2 minutes behind in third place. IMG_5378 The competition continues at the next Summer League on Kilvey Hill

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