A huge well done to all the team that ran for SBOC at the Compass Sport Final in Stafford. It was a beautiful day, with a good running temperature, in fast forest but with a fair amount of bracken.

In the end we came 7th in the Trophy, pipped by the host Walton Chasers by only two points. We had some impressive runs with Ben Mitchell coming first on the Brown as a whole by 40 seconds and scoring 100 points for the team. Katie Reynolds came 3rd on the Blue Womens Trophy bringing in 98 points, with Oscar Healy 4th on the Junior Green men Trophy scoring 96 points. Steve Quinton (Blue Men) and Sam Healy (Green Women) both scored 94 points, closely followed by Margaret Reynolds (Green Women) with 93 points and William Lake (Orange Men) with 90 points. The other points scorers (the top 13 count) were Chris Lewis, William Arnold, Iestyn Evans, Niall Reynolds, William Reynolds and Kerina Lake.

In terms of the Golden Boot a special congratulations to William Arnold who ran the finishing stretch in 29 seconds. This was only 3 seconds behind the overall winner, and he beat Brendan Healy, who was last years winner, by 1 second.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who came along, a good team!

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