Sunday's Welsh League at Kenfig Burrows drew runners from across South Wales and from the West of England clubs to tackle this high quality tricky and challenging sand dune area. Courses set by Cris Arnold tested all runners regardless of experience and age as they grappled with the complex sandunes and endless contours! The early runners raced in squally rain which passed over and the sun shone. It was also the SBOC 2022 Club Championships and over 30 club runners competed for the male and female age group prizes with the results being announced at the Xmas Prizegiving social event in December.

In the Welsh League Courses..Swansea runners Ben Mitchell, Kerina Lake, Robin Irwin and Diana McClure saw off the competition to take first places on the Brown, Blue, Green and Short Green respectively. All results are here. The final course ...the Yellow Course saw a full turnout from the new SBOC juniors who have progressed from park orienteering introductory events over the last few months, to their first proper event. All took on the 2.2Km with enthusiasm in spite of the rain and they all successfully completed their courses without any mispunches, which was great to see especially on such a difficult area. Well done to them, and especially James Morris, Sam Payne, and Dylan Lawton who were the first three M10/12s.

All the new Juniors received a welcome pack to help them track their dvelopment and work towards the new Seren Awards that the club has established. Hope to see everyone at the next Club Event at Merthyr Mawr on 13th November when we will be joined by staff from SportWales who will be making a video about Orienteering and how to get involved.

Thanks very much to all the volunteers who helped put the event on and Kerina Lake who led the event organisation.

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