Adhering to the new Covid-19 guidance, the SBOC Night League kicked off last night on Kilvey Hill. Tackling the challenging courses set by Ben Mitchell, runners covered a range of terrain from complex forest, open hillside and crags and quarries. Views from the top, over Swansea at night, were amazing and we enjoyed a break in the weather that meant dry runs for all the competitors. Results are now available to view here. The Lake brothers William and Freddie won the Green and Orange courses respectively proving they can navigate confidently at night as well as day. Marcus Pinker of Forth Valley Orienteers took the Blue course in a time of 63.06 just 26 seconds ahead of SBOC's Patrick Jones with Mark Saunders of Bristol in third. The second Night League is on 9th December in Clyne Valley. Well done to all those that ran and completed the courses.

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