A'maze'ing urban race performance.

The instruction to the planner was to devise a challenging course around the maze of Llangyfelach streets, so that no competitor could score maximum points in the allowed time, but might be tempted to try. 32 virtual controls in 45 mins with some testing hills and confusing route choices seemed to fit the brief.

This week a breezy Wednesday evening at dusk saw an enthusiastic group set off individually to try their skills and fitness. The UsinligO app allows the organiser to monitor runners progress in realtime, and knowing that our two British squad members, Megan Carter-Davies and Ben Mitchell, were in determined mood and top form, we watched as they both steadily racked up the points at an impressive rate. Each control was ticked off through the labyrinth of Llangyfelach cul-de-sacs, down to the furthest and lowest control. Then back up through the Clase estate with the seconds ticking away. The tension mounted at the finish, they were neck and neck, would they do it! Megan was back first dropping one control and just over the time limit at 46:45. Then Ben stormed home with a clean sheet in 44:49. They had both run 10.9Km while map reading and navigating precisely. Truly outstanding performances by them both.

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